Active Aamla Juice
Item Code: 1001500 ml

Unique Anti-Aging Composition for Combating Oxidative Stress

Active Noni Juice
Item Code: 1002500 ml

Instant Revitalizer Superfruit Juices with Herbal Stem Cell Activator Complex

Active Thermogenic Juice
Item Code: 1003500 ml

Stem Cell Activator Complex From Natural Herbs For Energy Metabolism

ActiveLady Capsule
Item Code: 100460 Caps

Daily Revital for women with Antioxidants & essential Nutrients

ActiveMen Capsule
Item Code: 100560 Caps

Daily Revital for Men

Aloe Vera Fibrous Juice
Item Code: 1007500 ml

Replenishes natural micronutrients for skin, aids digestion and supports liver functions

Antacid Tablets
Item Code: 10081x30 Tabs

Healing From Chronic Heartburn And Discomfort Naturally

D Stress Capsule
Item Code: 10091x30 Caps

Goodness Of Pure Organic Herbs with Anti-Stress & Neuro-Protective Properties

Diacare Ras
Item Code: 1010500 ml

Daily Care For Pancreas; Promotes Active Lifestyle

Diacare Tablet
Item Code: 10111x30 Tabs

Natural Support For Pre-Diabetics And Hyperglycaemia

Joddaram Combi Pack
Item Code: 10141 Combo

Restorative support in degenerative joint and cartilage

Knightmax Ras
Item Code: 1020500 ml

Phytosomes With Essential Aphrodisiac Herbs

Knightmax Tablet
Item Code: 10211x30 Tabs

Enhances Male Endurance And Performance

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Kofcare Syrup
Item Code: 1022100 ml

Natural Adjuvant In Common Cold And Cough

Livcare Syrup
Item Code: 1023200 ml

Tonic for stressed liver cells

Livcare Tablet
Item Code: 10241x30 Tabs

Enriched With Hepatoprotective Antioxidants

Nayansukh Eye Drop
Item Code: 102510 ml

Polyherbal Eye Drop For Daily Protection

OptiHealth Capsule
Item Code: 102660 Caps

Enriched With Prp’s from Cow Colostrum with Herbomineral Actives

Pancha Tulasi Family Pack
Item Code: 103130 ml

Enhances Immunity through five types of basil

Pilescare Cream
Item Code: 103230 gms

Soothing Care For External Haemorrhoids

Pilescare Tablet
Item Code: 10331x30 Tabs

Restorative For Injured Ano-Rectal Tissues And Corrects Bleeding

Psorino Cream
Item Code: 1034100 gms

Polyherbal Cream For Reducing Irritation And Skin Plaques

Psorino Tablet
Item Code: 10351x30 Tabs

Natural Adjuvant For Inflammatory Skin Conditions

Royal Honey for Him
Item Code: 103612 Sachets

Unique Aphrodisiac Herbs For Male Performance

Spiriluna Tablet
Item Code: 10371x30 Tabs

Absolute Source of Phycocyanin and Other Phytosomes

Stonecare-SF Syrup
Item Code: 1038200 ml

Sugar Free Blend Of Plant Based Actives As An Adjuvant For Stonecare

Thermogenic Slim Capsule
Item Code: 10392x30 Caps

Concentrated Blend Of Natural Herbs Effective For Weight Management

TopMoringa Capsule
Item Code: 104060 Caps

Enriched With Moringa Oil-Reduces Inflammation

TopOmega Capsule
Item Code: 104160 Caps

Plant Based Rare Fatty Acids-Solution For Fatigue

VisionsAid Capsule
Item Code: 104260 Caps

Rare Nutrition For Preservation Of Healthy Vision

Wheatgrass Tablet
Item Code: 10431x30 Tabs

Natural Supplement for Boosting Immunity and Metabolism

Amrrut Pancha Tulasi Drops
Item Code: 104415 ml

Enhances Immunity through five types of basil

Sanjeevani Joddaram Oil
Item Code: 104575 ml

Restorative support in degenerative joint and cartilage

Sanjeevani Joddaram Tablet
Item Code: 10461x30 Tabs

Restorative support in degenerative joint and cartilage

Prostawon Capsule
Item Code: 104860 Caps

Healthy prostate function and natural urinary control

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Sanjeevani Joddaram Cream
Item Code: 10501 Pc

Natural support for musculoskeletal discomfort Joint pain Muscle pain Stiffness