Active Aamla Juice
500 ml

Unique Anti-Aging Composition for Combating Oxidative Stress

Active Noni Juice
500 ml

Instant Revitalizer Superfruit Juices with Herbal Stem Cell Activator Complex

Active Thermogenic Juice
500 ml

Stem Cell Activator Complex From Natural Herbs For Energy Metabolism

ActiveLady Capsule
60 Caps

Daily Revital for women with Antioxidants & essential Nutrients

ActiveMen Capsule
60 Caps

Daily Revital for Men

Aloe Vera Fibrous Juice
500 ml

Replenishes natural micronutrients for skin, aids digestion and supports liver functions

Antacid Tablets
1x30 Tabs

Healing From Chronic Heartburn And Discomfort Naturally

D Stress Capsule
1x30 Caps

Goodness Of Pure Organic Herbs with Anti-Stress & Neuro-Protective Properties

Diacare Ras
500 ml

Daily Care For Pancreas; Promotes Active Lifestyle

Diacare Tablet
1x30 Tabs

Natural Support For Pre-Diabetics And Hyperglycaemia

Gynocare Syrup
200 ml

Blend Of Natural & Herbal Uterine Tonic

Gynocare Tablet
1x30 Tabs

Blend Of Phyto Actives Supporting the Imbalances During Menopause

Joddaram Combi Pack
1 Combo

Restorative support in degenerative joint and cartilage

Knightmax Ras
500 ml

Phytosomes With Essential Aphrodisiac Herbs

Knightmax Tablet
1x30 Tabs

Enhances Male Endurance And Performance

Kofcare Syrup
100 ml

Natural Adjuvant In Common Cold And Cough

Livcare Syrup
200 ml

Tonic for stressed liver cells

Livcare Tablet
1x30 Tabs

Enriched With Hepatoprotective Antioxidants

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Nayanasukh Eye Drop
10 ml

Polyherbal Eye Drop For Daily Protection

OptiHealth Capsule
60 Caps

Enriched With Prp’s from Cow Colostrum with Herbomineral Actives

Pancha Tulasi Family Pack
30 ml

Enhances Immunity through five types of basil

Pilescare Cream
30 gms

Soothing Care For External Haemorrhoids

Pilescare Tablet
1x30 Tabs

Restorative For Injured Ano-Rectal Tissues And Corrects Bleeding

Psorino Cream
100 gms

Polyherbal Cream For Reducing Irritation And Skin Plaques

Psorino Tablet
1x30 Tabs

Natural Adjuvant For Inflammatory Skin Conditions

Royal Honey for Him
12 Sachets

Unique Aphrodisiac Herbs For Male Performance

Spiriluna Tablet
1x30 Tabs

Absolute Source of Phycocyanin and Other Phytosomes

Stonecare-SF Syrup
200 ml

Sugar Free Blend Of Plant Based Actives As An Adjuvant For Stonecare

Thermogenic Slim Capsule
2x30 Caps

Concentrated Blend Of Natural Herbs Effective For Weight Management

TopMoringa Capsule
60 Caps

Enriched With Moringa Oil-Reduces Inflammation

TopOmega Capsule
60 Caps

Plant Based Rare Fatty Acids-Solution For Fatigue

VisionsAid Capsule
60 Caps

Rare Nutrition For Preservation Of Healthy Vision

Wheatgrass Tablet
1x30 Tabs

Natural Supplement for Boosting Immunity and Metabolism

Amrrut Pancha Tulasi Drops
15 ml

Enhances Immunity through five types of basil

Sanjeevani Joddaram Oil
75 ml

Restorative support in degenerative joint and cartilage

Sanjeevani Joddaram Tablet
1x30 Tabs

Restorative support in degenerative joint and cartilage

Leucowin Capsule
60 Caps

Relieves itchiness and white discharge

Prostawon Capsule
60 Caps

Healthy prostate function and natural urinary control