Our Company

Oceano is founded by Padam Kumar Agrawal, a visionary entrepreneur, to cater to the growing needs of the direct selling industry, which has a large scope to provide great self-employment model to the people of the country and make them financially independent.

However, due to the lack of pro-success companies, lack of business plans that can actually help people in deeds than words, a lot of people are unable to reach their goals in different direct selling systems.

To fill this vacuum and to become a respected player in the direct selling industry through its honesty, integrity and futuristic vision, Oceano entered the direct selling industry, after building a successful enterprise in manufacturing and exporting world-class Ayurvedic products for more than 20 years.

With its unique brand promise of “An Endless Opportunity”, Oceano is providing a robust, success-oriented and equal opportunity to people who want to grow in life and reach the zenith of success through their hard work and commitment. Oceano neither over-promise nor does it under-delivers. As an honest, transparent organisation with humble roots, it stands on the promises it has made, be it on product quality, business opportunity or excellent customer service.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enhance the quality of your life through a flawless business opportunity encompassing outstanding nutritional and personal care products enriched with Nature’s Best.

Ours is an organization built on principles, trust, synergy and hard work where we provide every opportunity and personalized guidance with a promise to:

  • Achieve Success
  • Become an entrepreneur
  • Get empowered

We have acquired a cult following globally among discerning patrons looking for safe, gentle and efficient hair and skin care treatments, having strong connection with the ancient science of Ayurveda. Furthermore, we are global players in top-notch nutritional products and health supplements to help everyone pursue a healthy, active and balanced life accompanied with holistic healing and restoration.

The core values of Oceano are Quality, Integrity, Innovation, Passion and Empowerment. These principles combined with a zeal for success, positive attitude and perseverance will form a formidable partnership which will enable us to achieve newer heights ‘together’.

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