Our Collaboration and Production Strength

Under the vision of providing a state of the art quality Ayurvedic Products Toptime has done a collaboration with Deltas Pharma. Deltas Pharma (formerly known as Padmavati Pharmaceuticals) is a manufacturing unit set up, in the year 2007, for manufacturing Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, 100% Organic Certified Fertilizer & Pesticides for Agricultural use, and 100% Organic Certified Complimentary Animal Compound Feed. The Unit is located at F-52, Industrial Area, Haridwar 249401. The Manufacturing sections include Tablets, Capsules, Powder, Granules, Cream, Oil and Syrup. All machines are GMP Model and made of SS316 quality. The entire manufacturing premises meet the standards set by WHO GMP.

We at Toptime proudly shared that our colaborator Deltas has obtained quality certifications like GMP, WHO GMP, ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 22000, HACCP, European GMP+ and several 100% Organic Certified Products. Deltas is member of PHARMEXCIL and APEDA.

For procuring the best quality of raw materials has contracts / tie ups as under –

  • Approx 74000 Hectares of Forests of Najibabad Forest Division, where we are getting 62 Natural & Organic Herbs.
  • Approx 36000 Acres of Farm Houses in Chhattishgarh, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh for cultivation of best qualities of 5 varities of Tulasi.
  • Approx 2000 Acres of Farm House in Andhra Pradesh for cultivation of speciality herbs.
  • Approx 1230 Acres of Farm House in Maharashtra for cultivation of Wheatgrass of highest quality.
  • Approx 950 Acres of Farm House in Punjab for cultivation of Spiriluna, which has highest content of Protein and Phycocyanin.

All the products developed by Deltas are research based and are of superior efficacy with highest safety backed by controlled experimental and clinical trials.

Deltas has standardized all RM, PM, FP, thus ensure strict quality control and uniform standards. Our Promoter, Mr. Babulal Jain started cultivation of various herbs in South India with his friends and associated in the year 1985 and started understanding the nature of various herbs as per old concept of Ayurveda, in the light of modern understanding.

In the long process of researches, several formulation were developed, which strike at the root cause of diseases but without any side effects. Deltas invented concept of formulation and its effects on human being and launched first time in the world market, the revolutionary product Pancha Tulasi. And now a new revolutionary product being launched THERMOGENIC TEA.

Under our colaboration of Toptime with Deltas Pharma, we commit to make nature’s best and precious life sustaining herbal medicines to heal body problems. Our Research Center takes special care in developing herbal products, which suits to body and ensures high quality exceptional benefits to our privileged customers.

We Toptime and Deltas Pharma provides perfect solution for body problems like Diabetes, Joint pains, Psoriasis and other life style disorders. The use of modern medicines of synthetic origin delivers dramatic results in a short span in the therapeutic field. The modern system of medicines still lack in providing suitable medicaments for a large number of adverse conditions, in spite of tremendous advances made in the discovery of new compounds. A few of these diseases can be mentioned like gastrointestinal disorders, viral infections, AIDS, diabetes and rheumatic diseases etc. The available therapeutic agents only bring about symptomatic relief without any influence on the curative process, causing the risk of relapses & danger of untoward effects.

Toptime assured that Detla Pharma's R & D work establishes drugs and medicinal preparation with description of their physical properties and tests for their identity, purity and potency. In our R & D team doctors of various disciplines and Pharma men are working to keep up and maintaining the standards of our herbal drugs. Alkaloids, Glycosides, Oils, Steroids, Resin, Oleoresins, Gums, Saponins and Tannins are the natural phyto chemicals found in each herb. We do not make them separate, but we recognize, standardize and mix them with other herbs to give good efficacious formulation of the drugs with side effect less presentation. That is why Herbal medicines do not require supportive therapy.